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Immersion Networks Debuts Purpose-Built Reference Studio

Immersion Networks has unveiled a new purpose-built reference studio designed and constructed for immersive listening and playback.

Immersion Networks’ Purpose-Built Reference Studio
Immersion Networks’ Purpose-Built Reference Studio

Redmond, WA (December 9, 2021)—Immersion Networks has unveiled a new purpose-built reference studio designed and constructed for the specific application of immersive listening and playback.

The Seattle-area company is the creator of the mix³ (mixcubed) platform and custom solutions for immersive audio experiences. The music-focused space was designed and constructed by acoustic experts and audio engineers.

“Traditional mixing control rooms are ill-suited for immersive audio mixing, due to their different reflective qualities on the front and back walls,” explains Paul Hubert, prolific audio inventor and CEO of Immersion Networks. “A control room originally designed for stereo content, which is delivered from the front to the back of the room, is not usually well suited for immersive content where the sound comes at the listener from all sides.

“Our facilities were specifically designed to be contribution-free from any angle, ensuring the most neutral sound possible regardless of where the sound is coming from. Stereo rooms are hard to retool, as you can’t just throw more speakers in there. Immersive rooms have fundamentally different requirements.”

Immersion Networks’ mix³ Adds Automation Features

Instead, Immersion Networks has applied some of its audio science to design and build a room specifically for music and other experiences in new audio formats like Dolby Atmos. To do this, the team reportedly upended traditional control room design, which is intended to be directional, aiming to ensure the room would provide a neutral listening environment from any angle or orientation.

“Spatial and immersive audio adoption has exploded, yet there are few places where you can create an excellent mix in these formats,” says Hubert. “We’re proud to take immersive mixing to the next level by forging the environment and tools pros need to make a truly outstanding immersive audio experience.”

The new space will be open to Immersion Networks partners and affiliates.