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Lectrosonics Breaks Bad

Location sound mixer Darryl L. Frank, CAS, employs Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid Wireless technology on AMC's hit TV show, Breaking Bad.

(l-r) Darryl L. Frank, CAS; Brett Becker, 2nd boom; and Jeff Knudsen, boom operator.
Albuquerque, NM (September 6, 2013)—Location sound mixer Darryl L. Frank, CAS, employs Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid Wireless technology on AMC’s hit TV show, Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad is a totally RF show,” said Frank, whose track record ranges from TV and film to documentaries and reality shows, and includes the ABC TV series Scoundrels and the 2013 film The Last Stand. “There are no cabled mics used at all. The New Mexico desert is a pretty inhospitable environment for cables, so the Lectrosonics equipment does it all. I love the audio quality and the reliability of the gear is unbeatable. I never worry about the equipment because it consistently delivers for me. It’s built like a tank. I recently added four SRb slot mount receivers and they, like all the gear, have been terrific. For IFB, I use the company’s T4 IFB transmitters and R1a receivers. My equipment setup also includes the SNA600 dipole antennas, the ALP-500 shark fin antennas and the LectroRM remote app for the iPhone.”

“I’ve been using Lectrosonics equipment for a good 20 years,” says Frank. “During this time, I’ve used a huge amount of their equipment because it delivers the audio performance, the flexibility, and the reliability I need to get the job done. With Breaking Bad, I’m working primarily with the SMa and SM transmitters-of which I have 17-as well as my 17 UCR411a receivers. What I love most about the Lectrosonics equipment is its ability to adapt to the changing requirements of the shoot. We frequently have to go from a cart setup to a bag, to an ENG setup, to an over-the-shoulder setup. It’s very easy to change modes, set open RF frequencies, or go from IFB to a transmitter to a receiver. The gear is very adaptable to the type of function the shoot requires.”