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Mackie Onyx

At the recent Winter NAMM show, Mackie showed Onyx, a new family of FireWire-capable analog consoles that derived their name from the inclusion of Mackie's Onyx mic pre

At the recent Winter NAMM show, Mackie showed Onyx, a new family ofFireWire-capable analog consoles that derived their name from theinclusion of Mackie’s Onyx mic pre, the next generation in low-noisemicrophone preamp circuitry based on the XDR mic pre found in Mackie’scompact mixers. They also feature an all-new EQ circuit, developedespecially for the Onyx line by industry veteran Cal Perkins, and a newindustrial design and layout.

Three small-format mixers make up the Onyx line. The Onyx 1220(pictured) is a 12-channel (four mic/line inputs and eight line inputs)mixer with two buses and a 3-band Perkins EQ with sweepable midrange.The Onyx 1620 is a 16-channel (eight mic/line inputs and four stereoline inputs) mixer with two buses and a 4-band Perkins EQ with dualsweepable midrange. The Onyx 1640 is a 16-channel (16 mono mic/lineinputs) mixer with four buses and a 4-band Perkins EQ with dualsweepable midrange. Like Mackie’s 1604-VLZ Pro, the Onyx 1640 alsoincludes a rotatable I/O pod that can be easily configured for rack ordesktop use.

Each Onyx mixer includes an upgrade slot for an optional FireWirecard, which allows users to output a combination of direct outputs fromevery single input channel on the mixer and the L/R mix directly into aFireWire-equipped computer and, at the same time, return two channelsof computer audio back to the mixer for monitoring through the controlroom/phones matrix.

Mackie’s Onyx mixers will begin shipping in Q2, 2004. Suggestedretail prices are $639.99 for the Onyx 1220, $919 for the Onyx 1620,and $1539.99 for the Onyx 1640. The optional FireWire card has asuggested retail price of $499.99.

Part of this announcement, Mackie introduced a 1RU micpreamp—the 8-channel Onyx 800R— that provides 192kHzdigital output. The Onyx 800R offers low-noise circuitry based on theXDR mic pre found in Mackie’s compact mixers, and incorporates avariable microphone impedance control on the first two channels so thatthe user can adjust input impedance to achieve different types ofsounds.

The 1U rackmount Onyx 800R features simultaneous analog and24-bit/192kHz digital connectivity via ADAT Lightpipe, AES/EBU andS/PDIF to work with both analog and digital systems. The front panelprovides easy access to features such as selectable mic/line inputs perchannel, and two instrument input jacks, replacing the need for anoutboard DI box. Other features include individual low-cut, phase andphantom power control on every channel.

The Mackie Onyx 800R will begin shipping in Q2, 2004 and has a MSRPof $1,279.99.

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