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McClure Goes Barefoot with VKA

Producer/engineer Matt McClure has installed Barefoot Sound's MiniMain12 monitors in his Nashville studio, The Roost.

Nashville, TN (March 7, 2014)—Producer/engineer Matt McClure has installed Barefoot Sound’s MiniMain12 monitors in his Nashville studio, The Roost.

“The listening position is spot on and I just did a little bit of tweaking and man, the first listen would blow your mind,” McClure explains. “They’re ridiculous. I have worked in all of the big installs all over this town and my control room sounds as world-class as any of them.”

McClure’s experience with Barefoot Sound goes back eight years to when he first demoed a pair of the smaller MM27s through Vintage King Audio. “They brought them over, I stuck them up on the console, finished the mix and then gave it to the client and everybody passed it around. It translated perfectly. I got the biggest compliments I had gotten to date on any mix I’d done.”

He continues, “I called Vintage King back and I told company co-founder Mike Nehra, ‘Man, I know these were demos, but I’m keeping them. I’ll pay you full price for them. I’m serious, you can’t have your demos back. I will not go another day without them.’ That’s how serious I was.

“And then later I got a second pair of 27s with cases so I could easily set up in tracking rooms and have the identical sound I had at my studio. And recently, I traded up from the 27s to the new MM12s in the studio.”

In the last few years, McClure has worked with some of Music City’s top hit songwriters, including Tom Shapiro, Jim Collins, Tony Martin, Mark Nesler, Rodney Clawson, Wendell Mobley, Ashley Gorley, Shane McAnally, Wade Kirby, Jennifer Hanson, Doug Johnson, Kyle Jacobs, Lee Brice, Ben Glover, Terry McBride, and David Lee Murphy. Their combined success has resulted in over 150 #1 singles on the country and pop charts, a number of which were originally demoed, produced and mixed by McClure.

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