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MPR Adds Great River Electronics

Audio engineers at Minnesota Public Radio (St. Paul) have recently installed state-of-the-art microphone preamps from Great River Electronics, including

Audio engineers at Minnesota Public Radio (St. Paul) have recentlyinstalled state-of-the-art microphone preamps from Great RiverElectronics, including five new MP-2NVs.

Four of the five MP-2NVs are being used in the studio with a rangeof mics, including models from Shure, Neumann, Schoeps and B&K. Anadditional unit, plus a Great River MP-4 mic preamp, is used for liveremote production.

“The MP-2NV has a lot of nice features that enable us to tailor thesound to what we want to attain with both voice and music,” said ScottLiebers, audio engineer. “Unlike most mic preamps that you can onlyadjust for gain–and the sonic character stays the same throughout–theMP-2NV lets you change the sonic character of the sounds through avariety of different settings. This allows you to tailor the sound towhat you want and make it distinctive for different voices andinstruments. There’s quite a palette to choose from that allows you toget a range of sound–not only ‘big’ sound, but cleaner sound and a lotmore in-between.”

Liebers said that he was able to adjust the unit’s input impedanceand load a Schoeps microphone to bring out more bass in a live studiostring quartet production that was partly “bright and edgy-sounding.”Using the same impedance switch on the unit, Liebers was able to loadthe mic differently so it could reduce sibilance from some femalevoices. “There are a lot of things to use with the MP-2NV beforereaching for the EQ knob on the console,” he said.

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