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Naxos Mastering Nabs Sceptres

Perry Sorensen, head of mastering at Naxos of America, has upgraded to PreSonus Sceptre S8 high-definition CoActual studio monitors.

Franklin, TN (September 1, 2015)—Perry Sorensen, head of mastering at Naxos of America—digital distributors of independent classical music and video, supplying a catalog of over 1.6 million tracks and 65,000 album discs to hundreds of digital platforms and mobile outlets worldwide— has upgraded to PreSonus Sceptre S8 high-definition CoActual studio monitors.

Sorensen, who’s recorded, mixed, and mastered work for Universal Music Publishing Group and has also engineered for several Grammy-nominated producers, noted, “The first thing that caught my attention was their unique design. Realizing that they were coaxial and time-aligned, I wondered how in the world PreSonus was pulling that off—especially at that price. I started thinking of how I could get my hands on a pair. I have to say that before they arrived, I was a bit nervous because I was wondering if they would really deliver.”

Sorensen and a friend who also engineers at Naxos, decided to set up an A/B listening session at the company’s listening room, comparing the S8s with an audiophile monitor with an 8-inch woofer and air motion tweeter. “Almost immediately, I was blown away,” Sorensen says. “We were both so excited that we brought in another Naxos engineer and friend. As one of my friends said, the Sceptres are ‘punchy,’ but I’m not referring to bass. I’m referring to the mid, upper-mid, and upper frequencies.

“The transient response, depth, and clarity were obvious—the transient response amazed us. We played some classic R&B songs, and instruments that were getting masked by the competition’s monitors were clearly and beautifully represented by the Sceptres. The difference was night and day. And yes, the Sceptres represented the low end quite well. We were not disappointed.”