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Pensado Talks Up A-Designs

A-Designs Audio and Pete's Place gear has been a topic of conversation on Dave Pensado's weekly web show recently.

Los Angeles, CA (August 17, 2011)–A-Designs Audio and Pete’s Place gear has been a topic of conversation on Dave Pensado’s weekly web show recently.

Grammy Award-winning mix engineer Dave “Hard Drive” Pensado’s credits include mixes for Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Mariah Carey, Elton John, Michael Jackson, plus many others. But this year saw him launch a weekly web show, Pensado’s Place, in which he and co-host Herb Trawick discuss a wide variety of music and recording topics with high-profile guest engineers, producers, record executives and artists.

Two of the things that Pensado has been talking a lot about lately is his affinity for his A-Designs Audio EM-PEQ Pultec-style equalizer and Pete’s Place BAC-500 compressor, which are mounted together in an A-Designs Audio 500HR rack. According to Pensado, the two 500 Series modules have become an essential component of his mixes in Studio 3 of L.A.’s Larrabee Sound Studios, where he is in permanent residency and mixes between 200 and 250 songs a year.

“I originally thought the EM-PEQ might be a straight substitute for a Pultec EQP-1A, but it’s a little bit different, and I mean that in an extremely good way,” says Pensado. “Of course, the Pultec is one of the greatest pieces of gear ever built, but it tends to make you sound like everybody else because everyone and their mother uses one in some form or another. Plus, with the tubes and capacitors all aging on the vintage units, I might have to go through 10 of them to find one that I actually like the high end on.”

In addition to the EM-PEQ, Pensado has been frequently relying on a BAC-500 compressor from A-Designs’ sibling company, Pete’s Place Audio. According to the engineer, he used the two 500 Series modules together on the remix of Michael Jackson’s “Hollywood Tonight” and new albums for Jill Scott, Boney James, Gloria Trevi and JoJo.

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