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Radial Engineering X-Amp

The Radial X-Amp is an active, 100% discrete, Class-A re-amplifying device that converts low-impedance

The Radial X-Amp is an active, 100% discrete, Class-A re-amplifyingdevice that converts low-impedance, balanced line-level signals into ahigh-impedance, guitar-level signal to drive guitar amplifiers oreffect pedals.

The Radial X-Amp features two independent outputs: one isdirect-coupled, and the other is transformer-isolated and features apolarity reverse to “phase match” the two amplifiers. Thisallows two amplifiers with different ground reference voltages to beused in tandem without introducing dreaded ground loops. To furtherensure clean signal operation, a choice of input and output groundlifting is offered. To make sure the appropriate signal level reachesthe guitar amplifier, an overload LED on the front control panel isincluded, along with an output level control to the amplifier.

The Radial X-Amp may also be used to extend guitar cables when usedin conjunction with the Radial JDI, J48 or JDV direct boxes.

The Radial X-Amp is housed in a 14-gauge, I-Beam steel frame with abook-end cover and baked-enamel finish. For more permanentinstallations, the X-Amp may be rackmounted using the Radial J-Rak rackshelf.

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