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Sound Guy Announces SFX Machine RT1.03

The Sound Guy’s SFX Machine RT 1.03, a real-time audio effects plug-in, is available in VST format

The Sound Guy’s SFX Machine RT 1.03, a real-time audio effectsplug-in, is available in VST format for Mac OS 8/9/X and Windows, aswell as Audio Units format for Mac OS X.

SFX Machine RT comes with hundreds of presets, includingconventional effects like choruses and flangers, as well as a widevariety of unique effects. Many of the presets include a pitch trackeror envelope follower, allowing the effect to respond to the inputsignal. The plug-in also allows automated parameter control via a “MIDILearn” interface. A Randomize button enables the user to get an idea ofthe range of possibilities contained within each preset.

“SFX Machine RT has been used to do sound design for radioproduction, TV shows, feature films, CDs and video games,” said EarlVickers, CEO of The Sound Guy Inc. “Even users who don’t need its sounddesign capabilities often find it useful as a ‘swiss army knife’ ofaudio utilities. The software is streamlined to be fast and easy to usein audio production environments.”

Version 1.03 fixes a number of bugs, including a problem whereby theRandomize button did not work with certain host programs.

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