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Splash Landings Hotel Brings in Allen & Heath iDR

Allen & Heath's iDR DSP system has been installed to manage the communications and audio requirements of Tussauds Group's new Splash Landings Hotel

Allen & Heath’s iDR DSP system has been installed to manage thecommunications and audio requirements of Tussauds Group’s new SplashLandings Hotel at Alton Towers, Britain’s largest and best-known themepark. The new system integrates and administers all audio requirementsfrom paging and alarms to conferences and entertainment within the newSplash Landings complex—Europe’s first water park hotel—andthe existing Alton Towers Hotel.

Bose Professional Systems division carried out the audioinstallation, which covers 31 zones comprising receptions, shops,changing rooms, bathrooms, corridors, restaurants, elevators,conference facilities and the main pool area. Four Allen & HeathiDR-8 networked units were installed at three stations around thecomplex, providing up to 27 inputs/outputs for the numerous audiorequirements. Allen & Heath PL-4 wall plates give rotary, switchand infrared control, and access to the system is also available via alaptop from any of the three racks, enabling changes to parameters suchas EQ, volume and routing to be made remotely. Also, local monitors ineach rack can source from any part of the system.

The installation makes extensive use of the iDR Switch as switchclosures operated from pager panels, conference room dividers and thepool’s panic buttons, change patches in the system to allowannouncements, zone configuration and messages. The venue also usesmobile racks containing a mixer, CD and mics, which connect to 5-pinXLR wall plates with pins 1, 2 and 3 carrying audio and pins 4 and 5shorted in the output lead from the rack. Pins 4 and 5 are connected tothe iDR Switch so that when the rack output cable is inserted into thewall connector, the appropriate patch setting is activated.

Glenn Rogers, managing director of Allen & Heath, commented,”iDR is a cost-effective, flexible solution that can be custom-built tosuit the needs of the customer. The system can be easily expanded, asunits can be daisy-chained together to provide more input and outputoptions, and it can be programmed, managed and controlled away from thecontrol room either via a PC or a PL remote-control wall plate.Furthermore, the sophisticated patch manager—including partialsavings and crossfade between settings—enables the client toprogram timed events such as background music or activityannouncements, eliminating the need for manual maintenance.”

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