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Todd Studios

Todd Studios (formerly known as Todd-AO), a name synonymous with quality in film and broadcast audio post-production, is one of the most respected and

Todd Studios (formerly known as Todd-AO), a name synonymous with quality in film and broadcast audio post-production, is one of the most respected and sought-after sound companies in the world. Since its formation in 1952 under the guidance of film industry entrepreneur and producer Michael Todd, the studio has been a pioneer in audio post. It has emphasized innovation throughout its existence (for instance, Todd Studios brought the first viable multichannel sound systems to market). Over the years, the studios’ in-house talent has garnered 19 Academy Awards, with scores more nominations, as well as 26 Emmy Awards.

With 23 post-production studios in several locations throughout the Los Angeles area, Todd Studios brings a set of capabilities and skills to bear on the entertainment industry that few can match. From full scoring stages to well-equipped ADR and Foley studios, digital dialog and sound effects editing suites, and sound design expertise, Todd’s range of services is as immense as its heritage.

For example, Todd’s Scoring Stage, located at the CBS Center in Studio City, is one of the most technologically advanced in the world. At 110×72 feet and with an average 34-foot ceiling, the stage can comfortably accommodate a 110-piece orchestra and is capable of working in any type of mixing or scoring configuration, and can deliver any playback format required.

“As one of the divisions of the newly formed Liberty Livewire Audio organization, Todd Studios will be part of a network of outstanding sound facilities, which will translate into superior technological capabilities and customer service,” states Lon Bender, president of Liberty Livewire Audio. “The things that set Todd Studios apart and make it unique, aside from its incredible legacy in the film and television industry, is the fact that we are so technologically comprehensive,” adds Todd Studios engineer Bill Ritter.

As a result, Todd Studios has the resources to accept any and all audio formats from outside editors and do so with ultimate flexibility, such as the capacity for four sample rates, two bit widths and two frame rates. Major audio technology platforms at Todd Studios include the acclaimed AMS Neve DFC film mixing console – they have three with three-position mixing capability – as well as Pro Tools, Tascam, Fairlight and Akai workstations and digital media systems. “Todd Studios also offers complete synergy of video and film formats, with divisions of the company dedicated to those services,” says Ritter.

In addition to Todd’s reputation for excellence in the feature film business, the studios developed a presence in television, providing award-winning sound services for a number of prime time TV programs, which began with Burns and Allen, Mr. Ed, and The Addams Family and continues today with shows such as The Sopranos, Star Trek Voyager and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.