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Tony Maserati Uses SSL Board on New Beyonce Album

Using Solid State Logic’s XL 9000 K Series SuperAnalogue console for the first time, Tony Maserati completed the production on Beyonce’s recent Number One album

Using Solid State Logic’s XL 9000 K Series SuperAnalogueconsole for the first time, Tony Maserati completed the production onBeyonce’s recent Number One album Dangerously in Love atthe Hit Factory, Studio 3.

Although Maserati has worked on Solid State Logic consoles since1985, he was still surprised by the ease of his transition to mixing onthe SSL XL 9000 K. “I was really amazed at how quickly I was ableto start mixing on this console,” said Maserati. “In theblink of an eye, I was going back and forth between Pro Tools and theXL 9000 K’s new faster console computer, helping me to take thecreative ideas that I had in my head and seamlessly integrate themthrough the console. Overall, working on the ‘K’ made theentire mixing process better and faster. One of the other features onthe XL 9000 K that I really appreciated was the mix bus. I like a bigwide-open two bus with a lot of headroom so I can hear the depth offield and imaging better. Also, the XL 9000 K’s improvedbandwidth leads to the console’s overall enhanced sound.

“When you are mixing an album, there is a challenge every dayand every minute,” he continued. “The XL 9000 K enabled me to overcomethe challenges associated with every song quicker than any otherconsole I’ve ever worked on. The ability to have Pro Tools in thecenter section of the console was clearly a significant upgrade thatled to the console’s increased functionality for me.”

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