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Woody Tone Studios Opens in Austria

The rustic studio is in fact a penthouse facility in Vienna, Austria.

Vienna, Austria (September 20, 2019)—Woody Tone Studios may be located in a Vienna, Austria penthouse, but the recording studio carries that rustic vibe to the hilt.

Taking pride of place in the wood-lined control room is a 16-channel Rupert Neve Designs 5088 console loaded with Shelford 5052 Mic Preamp / Inductor EQ modules, complemented by Merging Technologies AD/DA conversion, ATC monitoring, and an extensive collection of fully-restored vintage keyboards.

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“Our mission is to provide a fresh take on classic sound, providing personally tailored services such as music and OST recording, overdubbing and artist development,” says studio owner Julius Kienlein. “Growing up in Germany, Italy and Australia exposed me to many different genres of music. As I became a trained musician myself and learned about all that is involved in music production, I’ve learned that in my favorite records, most often there was a Rupert Neve design involved.”

The studio’s all-analog headphone monitoring setup includes four RNHP Precision Headphone Amplifiers, and two RNDI Active Transformer Direct Interfaces are kept on-hand for instrument amplification.

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“The 5088 sounds genuine – it captures emotions, channels and amplifies them. The console allows you to make instinctive artistic decisions similar to the way a visual artist freely mixes different paint colors on a palette. One can feel the decades of experience that have gone into laying out the console, making the workflow a dream.”

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