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134th AES Convention Considers Spatial Sound

The 134th AES Convention will begin this coming Saturday, May 4, and continue through Tuesday, May 7 in Rome, Italy, and the Fontana di Trevi Conference Centre. The AES announces Spatial Sound Track Paper Sessions, which will include Perception; Recording and Production; Spatial Audio, Part 1: Binaural; Spatial Audio, Part 2: 3-D Microphone and Loudspeaker Systems; and Spatial Audio, Part 3: Ambisonics, WFS.

Workshops on Spatial Audio include Applications of 3-D Audio in Automotive; Properties of Auro 3-D Room Signals; Bernstein and Beethoven in 3-D; and 3-D Audio: Produce the New Dimension?

“Reviewing the many authoritative Papers and Workshop submitted for the 134th AES Convention, the Committee recognized a prevalence of 3-D Sound-related proposals,” says AES Executive Director Bob Moses. “It became apparent that we had enough perceptive, well-researched events to establish a formal Spatial Sound Track. By assembling nearly two dozen papers and four timely Workshops into a dedicated bloc, we can direct 3-D Sound-focused attendees to a comprehensive overview on this topical field.”

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