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785 Records Installs SSL AWS 900+ Console

785 Records & Publishing/Denise Rich Songs in New York City has selected a Solid State Logic AWS 900+ as part of a major studio upgrade

785 Records & Publishing/Denise Rich Songs in New York City has selected a Solid State Logic AWS 900+ Analogue Workstation System as part of a major studio upgrade and renovation. The studio serves the independent label and publishing company, and is housed in the companies’ headquarters.

“The AWS 900+ is perfect for us,” says 785 Records & Publishing/Denise Rich Songs president Mark Eichner. “It’s an SSL, which is the standard, and it’s a console that every audio professional around the world recognizes. We think we have a great young music company, and wanted to have the best music room we could possibly have. That’s why we had to have the AWS 900+.”

“It gives the studio a lot of credibility and ups the value, too,” says Denise Rich, who has written songs for Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Jessica Simpson and many other artists. “There’s already such a vibe in there, such energy. Everybody has recorded in that room—Patti LaBelle, Mary J. Blige, Gavin DeGraw, Wyclef Jean, JoJo—and they’re all going to be really excited about the AWS 900+.”

Eichner adds that in addition to serving the label and publishing companies’ recording projects, the AWS 900+ helps attract prestigious commercial clients to the studio, which offers breathtaking views of Manhattan. “We can get great people to come here,” he says. “It doesn’t matter what genre of music; they could walk in and be happy to see the SSL.

“We do a lot of custom demos on our publishing side,” Eichner adds. “The Total Recall on the AWS 900+ will really speed our process. We can now custom-pitch our songs better.”

Staff producer/engineer Michael Beck is looking forward to working on the AWS 900+. “I demo’d the AWS 900+ at GC Pro, and it was amazing,” he says. “I’m excited to have actual faders, real EQ and the G Series compressor—it’s so much more than a controller. Also, instead of being summed digitally, all your tracks are being summed in the analog domain. It sounds like gold.”

“785 Records represents a significant new studio in the city,” says Spencer Snipes, account manager for GC Pro Manhattan. “When I first began consulting Mark Eichner and Michael Beck on the equipment required for their studio, it was clear they intended to work with artists who expect world-class results. The SSL AWS 900+ was the obvious choice. GC Pro’s demo facilities in New York City offered them the ability to evaluate the gear required to deliver the sound quality they were seeking.”

“I’d heard great things about the AWS 900+,” Eichner concludes. “Denise, Michael and I talked about it. We felt it was time to get an SSL and into the major leagues.”

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