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Adobe Audition for Mac Now in Public Beta

Adobe Systems Incorporated in San Jose, Calif., announces that Audition for the Mac—a professional audio toolset for recording, mixing, editing and mastering—is available in public beta on Adobe Labs’ Website.

A new, high-performance audio playback engine is designed to accelerate audio workflows, from startup and opening or saving files to multicore effects processing and the ability to work concurrently on multiple files and sessions. The software offers native multichannel support, which enables users to edit multichannel files and mix projects in 5.1 surround. Audition for the Mac includes a surround panner in the mixer view as well as a surround reverb effect; Adobe states that many of Audition’s other audio effects have also been enhanced to support multichannel files.

New effects include a de-hummer for removing power line hum; de-esser for removing vocal sibilance; surround reverb; and a volume leveler for quickly matching the volume of different speakers. A cross-platform toolset allows users to edit audio clips using either the traditional waveform view or the spectral editing view, which is designed for ease in visually isolating the parts of a recording. Adobe Audition for Mac also offers noise reduction, dialog cleanup and audio restoration features.

Download a beta version of Adobe Audition for the Mac from Adobe Labs’ Website.

Adobe Audition 3 is available for Windows for Adobe’s estimated street price of $349 for the full version, with upgrades available from their estimated street price of $99. Details are available at

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