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AES 127th Convention Committee Ramps Up AES New York

Standing, from left: Technical Tours Chair Lou Manno, Master Class Chair Alan Silverman, AES Director Convention Management Chris Plunkett, Executive Director Roger Furness, Facilities Chair Michael McCoy, Marketing Consultant Margaret Sekelsky, Volunteers Chair Doron Schacter and Live Sound Co-Chairs Henry Cohen and Mac Kerr.

Seated, from left: Broadcast Chair David Bialik, AES President Jim Anderson, Convention Chair Agnieszka Roginska, and Historical Chair Harry Hirsch.

The AES 127th Convention Committee began formulating a robust program of traditional and atypical events soon after the books were closed on last year’s event. Scheduled for October 9-12, 2009, in New York City’s Javits Center, the 2009 show is committed to setting new standards in meaningful and imaginative programming. AES Executive Director Roger Furness reports that Convention Chair Agnieszka Roginska has rallied an expert team to the cause.

Re-teaming for the 2009 Convention are David Bialik, celebrating his 21st consecutive year as Broadcast Chair; Tutorials & Workshops Chair Alex Case; Live Sound Co-Chairs Henry Cohen and Mac Kerr; Historical Chair Harry Hirsch; Facilities Chair Michael McCoy; Papers Co-Chairs Veronique Larcher and (newcomer) Steve Garrett; Platinum Chair Paul Verna; Technical Tours Chair Lou Manno; Master Class Chair Alan Silverman; and Volunteers Chair Doron Schacter (another new member).

“We are particularly fortunate to have the counsel of AES President Jim Anderson participating in our meetings,” Roginska says. “His wealth of experience as a past Committee Chair makes him an invaluable asset.”

“The enthusiasm and creative thinking evidenced by this year’s Committee is nothing less than extraordinary,” Roger Furness concludes. “The knowledge that each of these incredibly busy people is taking time away from their already over-extended schedule to volunteer for Convention planning is genuinely humbling. There is an old maxim that reads, ‘If you want something done well, go to a busy man.’ The 127th AES Convention exemplifies that edict.”

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