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Bernie Grundman Spotlights Staff Mastering Engineers

Pictured at the espresso bar at Bernie Grundman Mastering are, from left, Bernie Grundman and staff engineers Joe Bozzi, Larry Sipes, Mike Bozzi and Paul Grundman.

Photo: David Goggin

Bernie Grundman Mastering, one of the world’s leading mastering studios, includes renowned mastering engineers Chris Bellman, Patricia Sullivan, Brian “Big Bass” Gardner, and Bernie Grundman himself. Not as widely known are the staff engineers, each of whom has more than 20 year’s experience and impressive credits.

“I think it’s time we shine the spotlight on these engineers,” says Grundman. “They work as hard as anyone on our team and are doing great work in our non-primetime hours. “

Bernie Grundman Mastering’s staff engineers and a few of their credits include Larry Sipes (Tom Waits, Tom Petty), Mike Bozzi (Janet Jackson, Ice Cube, Linkin Park), Joe Bozzi (U2, Van Halen, Fleetwood Mac), and Paul Grundman (Juan Gabriel, Jeni Rivera).

Bernie’s son Paul Grundman explains: “Our studio success is because of two things: our 100-percent custom signal chain and the talent at our consoles. Here at Bernie’s, we’re always happy to work with the clients to achieve their goals.”

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