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Chameleon Labs Introduces TS-1 MKII Tube Condenser Mic

Chameleon Labs announces the TS-1 MKII small diaphragm tube condenser mic ($559 MSRP). Newly designed vacuum tube electronics drive the TS-1 MKII, which promises to deliver sparkle and warmth.

The MKII power supply features an adjustable tube heater voltage control that lets users dial in a range of sonic textures, including starving or overdriving the tube with a precision voltage meter for repeatability. The MKII package ships with omni and cardioid capsules; also available are a hyper-cardioid, a large-diaphragm capsule (selectable omni or cardioid), or the ADP-1 adapter, which accommodates AKG CK Series heads, along with a range of capsules from other manufacturers that conform to the CK Series standards.

Until November 15, TransAudio Group, the worldwide distributor for Chameleon Labs, is including the TS1-L large diaphragm capsule with the TS-1 MKII at no additional cost.

The MKII also uses a plate-loaded, triode-strapped, pentode design with an American-made MIL-Spec 5840 NOS tube. The gold-sputtered, three-micron capsule is said to convey without distortion to 130 dB. Frequency responses are +/-4 dB from 30 Hz (omni), 70 Hz (cardioid) and 80 Hz (hyper-cardioid) to 20 kHz. Also included with the TS-1 MKII are a shock-mount, 25-foot seven-pin microphone cable, windscreen, aluminum carrying case and one-year warranty.

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