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UA Introduces New Mic with Modeling Plug-In

Universal Audio has a dual product launch—the SC-1 Standard Series condenser mic and Hemisphere Mic Modeling plug-in.

Universal Audio SC-1 Standard Series condenser microphone.
Universal Audio SC-1 Standard Series condenser microphone.

Scotts Valley, CA (October 17, 2023)—Universal Audio has a dual product launch this week—the new SC-1 Standard Series condenser microphone, and hand-in-hand with that, the Hemisphere Mic Modeling plug-in.

Hemisphere Mic Modeling plug-in
Hemisphere Mic Modeling plug-in

The new Hemisphere Mic modeling plug-in is intended to let users emulate a range of classic microphones from the past 50 years. With its debut, UA has also updated its other Standard Series mics—the SD-1 Standard Dynamic Microphone and SP-1 Standard Pencil Microphone Pair—to each come with the Hemisphere Mic Collection plug-in packed in.

Hemisphere features models of classic mics from Neumann, Telefunken, AKG, Sony and others, created using the same technology as UA Sphere modeling microphones. The plug-in allows users to audition mics, tweak proximity effect, filters and axis controls, even after recording. Users can record “through” vintage mics in real-time with near-zero latency using Apollo interfaces.

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As for the SC-1 Standard condenser microphone, it’s a large-diaphragm studio condenser mic that reportedly has an extended dynamic range, frequency response from 20 Hz – 20 kHz, low self-noise, and more.

With an MSRP of $499, the microphone—and its included plug-in—is currently available for preorder and will ship worldwide this fall.