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Deconstructed: Bob Clearmountain & Chris Lord-Alge

Shevy Shovlin, Chris Lord-Alge, Bob Clearmountain and Tom Kenny in Clearmountain’s Neve 8068-equipped Apogee Studio. Note: It’s the same console Clearmountain installed when he designed his hitmaking room at Power Station back in 1977.

Photo: David Goggin

On Tuesday, June 10, two of the most recognized and talented mix engineers of the past 40 years got together onstage at Apogee Studio in Santa Monica to discuss Music, Technology, Mixing and Studio Life. Moderated by Mix editor Tom Kenny, the event was presented by Apogee, Vintage King and Mix. You can read all about it in the July issue of Mix.

In the meantime, Shevy Shovlin of Headroom for Days, producer of the event, has posted the video; watch ‘Deconstructed: Chris Lord-Alge and Bob Clearmountain’.