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Deep Blue Recording Studio Installs Quested Monitors

Situated close to the center of Plymouth on the Southwest coast of England, Deep Blue Recording Studio’s facilities include a Neve Series 51 mixing console, Pro Tools|HD2 and Logic Pro 7 suites, a wide range of hardware and Quested VS3208 monitors.

“The VS3208s were the perfect size for the control room and they sounded flatter than all the other makes we tried,” says Deep Blue’s Matt Bernard. “Working with them over long periods of time is less fatiguing than with other monitors I’ve used, and they had by far the best off-axis sound. The VS3208s are very accurate and I would say suitable for most styles of music. Roger [Quested] and Wes Atkinson not only personally delivered the units; they also set them up to provide optimum performance in this space.

“Clients and visiting engineers have been very impressed by their quality,” Bernard continues. “They have also commented on how well mixes have translated outside the studio.”

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