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‘DeLovely’ Relies on Nuendo

De-Lovely: The Life Of Cole Porter' edited by industry veteran John Ross on Nuendo 2.1

Post-production veteran John Ross adopted Steinberg’s Nuendo Media Production system as his central tool throughout the post process on DeLovely: The Life Of Cole Porter.

Starring Kevin Kline and Ashley Judd, De-Lovely depicts the life of composer Cole Porter and features many of Porter’s unforgettable songs.

According to Ross, “The editing features [of Nuendo] are, I think, far superior in Nuendo. The editing world has been well covered by other systems, and these guys at Steinberg have taken that basis and taken it to another level. The networking across machines for editing, or interactive editing as I call it, is another layer that hasn’t been achieved by any other system that I’ve seen. This new world of collective editing is extremely powerful.”

The production process for this film turned out be extremely complex from a format-interchange perspective, involving a range of equipment from different manufacturers including Tascam MMR8s, Pro Tools and the Open TL protocol. Citing the extensive Nuendo-format compatibility, Ross commented, “The triangle between sound effects, music and dialog was blurred the whole way through the process. So the need to interpret between these different systems was imperative and it worked out flawlessly.”

Mixing for the project was done via Nuendo with the Euphonix System 5 console.

Summarizing his first experiences using Nuendo on a Hollywood sound stage, Ross comments, “What excites me about this product is you’ve now come out of that little world of DSP cards that were setting the pace of development. This system is pretty much both powerful and flexible enough to accommodate anything that would come our way.”

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