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Digidesign Acquires Trillium Lane Labs’ Assets

Digidesign ihas purchased the assets of Trillium Lane Labs LLC, a developer of effects and utilities plug-ins for Pro Tools systems, including the TL Space convolution reverb and the TL EveryPhase phaser plug-in. Versions of all currently shipping Trillium Lane Labs plug-ins are available for Pro Tools 7 software (with TL Utilities bundle shipping soon). TL Drum Rehab™ (a multi-sample sound replacement plug-in) and TL AutoPan are planned for release in early 2006.

“Trillium Lane has delivered an impressive range of great-sounding, high-quality products for Pro Tools users,” comments Dave Lebolt, general manager of Digidesign. “The plug-in portfolio includes a compelling group of cross-platform effects and utilities. We’re pleased to be able to continue to offer these plug-ins to our customers, including TL Space Native in our new Music Production Toolkit and DV Toolkit 2. We are also looking forward to the release of TL Drum Rehab and TL AutoPan.”

Todd Hooper, co-founder of Trillium Lane Labs, adds, “The work we’ve done to create these creative music and post-production plug-ins has been rewarding. We’ve pioneered several types of new offerings, including TL Space—the only convolution reverb to take direct advantage of the low latency of Pro Tools|HD systems by working its magic across multiple DSP chips. We’ve also delivered unique-sounding effects and utilities that have become part of thousands of users’ systems.”

Effective immediately, Digidesign will assume all sales and support responsibilities for Trillium Lane Labs products. Pro Tools 7–compatible versions of all currently shipping Trillium Lane Labs products will be available soon. Trillium Lane Labs products will be available for purchase and for rental through the online DigiStore ( Upgrades will be available for free to all registered owners of prior versions. Digidesign will announce the availability of TL Drum Rehab and TL Auto Pan soon.

For more information, visit Digidesign’s Website at