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Drums on Demand Gets “Upbeat and Aggressive”

Drums On Demand is now shipping "Upbeat & Aggressive," a two-CD set featuring 1,700 royalty-free loops.

Drums On Demand is now shipping “Upbeat & Aggressive,” a two-CD set featuring 1,700 royalty-free loops, Loop Layers™ and matching single hits in 25 song sets. Users can drag and drop from an average of 45 modular verse, chorus, fill, bridge, break, intro, ending and other loops to build a more “live feeling” drum track.

The set includes nearly 250 Loop Layers (an average of 11 per song set), which are isolated and separated kick, snare, rim, hat and ride loop patterns (based on the major grooves in a Song Set) that allow users to create and mix their own multichannel groove loops, breakdowns and sparser elements.

The matching sets of single hits (more than 500 total ) include three velocities of kick, snare, closed hat, hi-tom, middle-tom and low-tom, plus single-velocity open hat and rim/side stick. There are also more than 40 megs of crashes, rides and other cymbals that work within all song sets.

“Upbeat and Aggressive” is appropriate for many genres of music, including rock, alternative rock, pop and country.

The set is available in Acid®-ized .WAV (16- or 24-bit) and GarageBand/Apple® Loops formats. Price: $79.95. A .REX2 version will be available in the next month, priced at $19.95 for current Vol. 3 .WAV and Apple Loops owners. A multitrack version of Vol. 3 is expected to be available mid to late August.

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