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Rational Acoustics’ Smaart Gets v9.2 Update

Smaart V9 gets its second major version update with new features, bug fixes and more.

The new Smaart v9.2 release includes new Data Library search functionality and L-IFFT plot type.
The new Smaart v9.2 release includes new Data Library search functionality and L-IFFT plot type.

Woodstock, CT (September 8, 2023)—Rational Acoustics has released Smaart 9.2, the latest update to its long-running Smaart audio analysis and optimization software. The new edition brings with it a slew of new features, useability improvements and bug fixes.

The 9.2 update offers improvements to the Data Library, including new Search and Sorting Functions which enable the Data Library to behave more like a typical computer file browser with common sorting functions and a search bar to automatically sort data based on a user’s text entry. A new Data Archive function has also been added to the Data Library, allowing users to create a secondary Smaart Data folder to store data they may want to save and revisit at a later date.

Smaart Suite and RT users now have access to a new alternative plot type for Live IR, called L-IFFTTM (Live Inverse Fourier Transform). This is an absolute time-referenced plot that uses the single time record FFT that is calculated with every transfer function measurement. This plot type provides a real-time impulse response generated with all real time transfer function data averaging and magnitude thresholding mechanisms already applied. Users can then filter this plot by user-definable octave banded frequencies, without needing to use the Advanced Delay Finder. L-IFFT is an advanced feature that must be enabled in Advanced Transfer Function Settings.

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Other additions include the ability to change the signal generator in .5 dB increments; a new graphics rendering engine for SPL Mode and Smaart SPL; the ability for stand-alone SPL meters to have a smaller minimum size; and new hot keys such as [Alt]+[J] to open the advanced settings preferences.

The v9.2 update is available at no additional cost. The update can be downloaded directly from within the v9 program or from within user license management accounts at the company’s website.

Not all new features are available in all editions of Smaart v9. A complete, edition-specific list of new features and bug fixes in the 9.2 update can be found in the Smaart 9.2 Release Overview or in Smaart 9.2’s internal help files, after updating.