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Focusrite Vocaster Broadcast Kit, DM14v Mic Debut

Focusrite has added the new Vocaster Broadcast Kit and standalone DM14v microphone to its Vocaster podcasting product line.

Focusrite Vocaster Broadcast Kit
Focusrite Vocaster Broadcast Kit

High Wycombe, UK (November 1, 2022)—Focusrite has introduced the new Vocaster Broadcast Kit and standalone DM14v microphone as additions to its burgeoning podcasting product line.

Aimed at content creators like podcasters, streamers, vloggers and voiceover artists, the Broadcast Kit is an accessory bundle that pairs the DM14v dynamic microphone with HP60v headphones. Previously, the mic was only available with the Vocaster Two Studio interface bundle; now it’s paired up with HP60v headphones plus an included XLR cable.

Additionally, the DM14v dynamic microphone is now available as a standalone mic as well. Sporting a low-sensitivity cardioid design, the polar pattern leads to a more focused voice recording, prioritizing the voice in front of the microphone and not the space around it.

The DM14v, which comes with an XLR cable, also features a built-in windshield to handle plosives. The built-in shock mount helps prevent audible knocks.

Launched in June 2022, the range features two standalone interfaces, Vocaster One, aimed at solo content creators, and Two, which can handle multiple guests whether from numerous mics or phones connected via Bluetooth. Also, the line includes two studio packs, Vocaster One Studio and Vocaster Two Studio, that include additional accessories for podcasting.

Available now, the Broadcast Kit runs $249.99, while the DM14v Mic alone costs $199.99.