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Tech Spotlight: Acoustic Materials

The Latest Innovations in Acoustic Materials

GIK Acoustics VISO Booth

GIK Acoustics released the newest addition to its line of acoustic treatment products in 2020, the VISO (Vocal ISOlation) Booth. Designed for singers, songwriters, voiceover artists and podcasters looking to improve the quality of their recordings, the L-shaped VISO Booth is constructed from two 16.5 x 11.5 x 1.5 (inches) panels meeting at a 90-degree angle and provides 162 cubic inches of isolation area. The design is said to ensure a large enough absorption area around the microphone to effectively eliminate room tone and other room noise. The VISO Booth can be set up on a desktop or on any microphone stand with a standard 5/8-inch thread (not included), and a pre-positioned microphone mount eliminates any guesswork regarding mic placement. The VISO Booth is manufactured using the same isolation material employed in all of GIK’s professional treatment products (Knauf Insulation Earthwool Insulation Board with ECOSE Technology). The portable design and light weight (10 pounds) enable it to be easily transported and set up by a single person, and it can be used alone or as part of an overall room treatment plan.


Auralex Streamer Starter Kit

Streaming was huge over the past year, whether on Twitch, a vlog, or live on Facebook, but to deliver good audio and a good experience, you need a great-sounding room. The Streamer Starter Kit provides quick and aesthetically pleasing sonic control to a creative space by reducing reverberation and echoes while improving speech clarity. The kit includes (10) DST-112 panels (charcoal), (10) DST-114 panels (charcoal/purple/burgundy), and (40) EZ-Stick Pro Tabs, for an effective coverage of up to 20 square feet. Installation is simple: The EZ-Stick Pro Tabs require a clean, flat surface for installation, and once pressure is applied, EZ-Stick Pro Tabs are a permanent installation.


Delta H Design ZR QuanTex

Thin as velvet and elegant as Victorian drapes, custom ZR Fabrics from Delta H Design are imbued with the ability to make sound vanish, according to company founder Hanson Hsu. The latest evolution in Hsu’s ZR Quantum Acoustics is concealed within any drape, curtain or textile specified by an architect or interior designer. Only 1.6 mm thick, ZR QuanTex is concealed invisibly within the fabric, similar to the internal membrane widely used in waterproof jackets and clothing.


IsoAcoustics zaZen I, zaZen II

IsoAcoustics has introduced yet another “must-have” in its award-winning family of isolation products: zaZen. Taking its name from the Zen Buddhist reference to “sitting in peaceful meditation,” zaZen is. geared primarily toward the audiophile market but equally at home in a multitude of pro studio and home recording situations, providing a sleek, stable isolation platform with a low noise floor, suitable for turntables and other critical analog components. The new zaZen models feature an elegant medium-gloss black finish over a dense fiber construction, with the company’s patented isolation technology integrated into zaZen along with its industry-leading isolators recessed in the platform’s bottom corners.