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Gustavo Farias Masters Juan Gabriel with Paul Grundman

Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood announces that producer Gustavo Farias mastered Juan Gabriel’s 40th anniversary album with engineer Paul Grundman. Gabriel, who is best known for his catalog of Mexican mariachi, ranchera, and pop music, reportedly has sold more than 90 million records over his 40-year career. Universal Music will release the new album later this year.

Pictured at Bernie Grundman Mastering, from left: recording engineer Dan Moore, assistant engineer Arturo Martinez-Caceres, producer Gustavo Farias, and mastering engineer Paul Grundman.

Photo: David Goggin

“There are a lot of surprises here for Juan’s fans—different styles, different rhythms,” says producer Farias, who has also overseen hit projects with such artists as Rocio Durcal, Akwid, and Melissa Etheridge. “His writing and performance is very mature, yet very inventive, and Juan gave me a lot of freedom. Engineer Dan Moore and I recorded the Slovakia State Symphony Orchestra in Eastern Europe, vocals at Juan’s studio in Cancun, and the rest at my studio in L.A.

“Paul Grundman has great energy and he understands what we are trying to achieve with this album,” Farias says. “Good mastering makes an album sound like a complete, cohesive work and becomes a totally pleasing experience. He brought out details that only the mastering guy’s ears can discover and bring to the final recording.”

“It was a great honor and a thrill to work on this landmark record,” says Paul Grundman, who is one of the up-and-coming mastering engineers at the renowned Hollywood facility.

In addition to producing hit albums for a wide variety of artists, Farias has written themes and music for many TV shows, including The Cristina Show. Farias received the Silver Lion advertising award at the 2009 Cannes Festival.

Watch a 2-minute video of Gustavo Farias at Bernie Grundman Mastering.

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