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Health Rhythms Pulse with Neumann

Health Rhythms Radio recently purchased Neumann's BCM 104 broadcast mic for their Northern California-based studio.

Chris Springmann at the Neumann BCM 104

Photo: Chriss Poulsen

Health Rhythms Radio (, a health and wellness show produced five days a week and heard by over 125 million listeners worldwide, recently purchased Neumann’s BCM 104 broadcast mic for their Northern California–based studio.

Upon the request of executive producer and co-host Christopher Springmann, producer/musical director Ed Goldfarb agreed to try the BCM 104 on twenty shows with Springmann and co-host Myesa Jacobs.

“I have a boutique large-diaphragm condenser that cost me several thousand dollars and produces perfectly acceptable results,” Goldfarb says. “However, when bringing up [the BCM 104] totally flat on a fader it sounded broadcast ready. The voice was totally clear yet impressively present. I hardly had to apply any EQ at all. And the mic works on an impressive range of voice talent – male, female, resonant, nasal, it almost doesn’t matter. The BCM 104 can take practically anything I throw at and make it shine.”

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