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IK Multimedia Launches iLoud MTM Immersive Speaker Mounts

IK Multimedia has shipped its new iLoud MTM Wall/Ceiling Mounting Brackets for use in professional monitoring environments for immersive audio.

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Immersive Speaker Mounts
IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Immersive Speaker Mounts.

New York, NY (May 25, 2023)—IK Multimedia has shipped its new iLoud MTM Wall/Ceiling Mounting Brackets, intended for creating a professional monitoring environment for immersive audio.

Custom IK mounting brackets for immersive installations are now available but the brackets can also be used on a typical microphone stand. Designed with the iLoud MTM Immersive Bundle in mind, the metal brackets offer adjustment for positioning the speakers to suit any mixing space and configuration.

iLoud MTM’s 3/8″ threaded bottom also allows them to be mounted directly to standard mic stands in most countries or by using a 5/8″ plug to 3/8″ socket thread adapter (required for the US and some territories).

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Using the included MEMS measurement microphone, the speakers’ built-in ARC self-calibration system adjusts quickly, correcting each one’s output in every position, including ceiling-mounting with the aim of a true phase-coherent response across the frequency spectrum for natural sound.

iLoud MTM monitors are reportedly 30 to 50% smaller and lighter than comparable studio monitors. The Immersive Bundle and mounting brackets are available now from the IK Multimedia online store and from IK authorized dealers worldwide.

The Immersive Bundle 11 costs $3999.99. It includes 11 x iLoud MTM monitors and 1 x ARC MEMS measurement microphone. Meanwhile, the iLoud Wall/Ceiling Mounting Bracket runs $49.99 per unit.