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IK Multimedia, Notion Music Release Notion SLE for Miroslav Philharmonik

IK Multimedia in Modena, Italy, in cooperation with Notion Music in Greensboro, N.C., announces Notion SLE for Miroslav Philharmonik ($89), a special version of Notion3 scoring software that is customized for use with the Miroslav Philharmonik orchestral library by IK Multimedia.

Notion SLE for Miroslav Philharmonik features instrumentation and articulation presets that automatically handle all articulation changes in the background, allowing for very realistic playback directly out of the score. IK Multimedia states that artists and composers no longer need to spend hours programming presets, templates and articulation changes; they can now simply focus on creating compositions.

Notion SLE will follow a user’s instructions as he or she writes and articulates a score, and automatically change to the appropriate Miroslav Philharmonik articulation patch during playback to accurately and realistically perform the score. Notion also offers live performance features and the ability to conduct the full orchestra with a high level of control.

A virtual 32-channel stereo mixing console facilitates mixdown of the score, eliminating the need for an additional DAW. Full export controls are included for producing MusicXML, audio and MIDI.

The IK Miroslav Philharmonik Orchestral sound workstation is sold separately. To use Notion SLE, you must have Miroslav Philharmonik installed on your computer.

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Watch IK Multimedia’s video demo of Notion SLE.

Watch “Notion SLE Composing and Scoring Tool for Miroslav Philharmonik—Part 1/4—Introduction” on YouTube.