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Lake People Unveils MC100 Monitor Controller

German pro-audio manufacturer Lake People has introduced the new MC100 monitor controller.

Lake People MC100 Monitor Controller
Lake People MC100 Monitor Controller

Gauting, Germany (May 18, 2023)—German pro-audio manufacturer Lake People has introduced the new MC100 monitor controller. While Lake People is known for its headphone amplifiers and converters, the new unit marks its first foray into monitor controllers.

With the MC100, up to four analog sources can be connected—two analog stereo signals can be plugged into the balanced XLR sockets, one more analog input can be hooked up to the unbalanced RCA connectors, and there’s also a 3.5-mm (1/8 inch) jack input that can be used by mobile devices. Meanwhile, a USB-C input feeds the internal DA converter with PCM up to 384 kHz and 32 bit as well as DSD 256. Users can opt to have the input selectors releasing each other, or allow for multiple inputs to be selected at the same time, summing the signals.

The front panel features switches for up to for three pairs of monitors as well as a subwoofer output. Within the MC100, the unit’s headphone amplifier drives most types of headphones via 3.5-mm or 6.3-mm jacks and provides a special X-Feed circuit for simulating speaker playback. There are also mute, dim, mono, channel swap, channel solo and phase reverse functionalities available on the front panel as well. At center, the large master volume knob adjusts the main level through an Alps RK27 potentiometer; in a special MC100 PRO version, the pot is replaced with a 256-step reed relay circuit.

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With the output stage, three balanced XLR outs allow for switching between three different sets of speakers. Each output can be attenuated by up to 12 dB. Like the inputs, the outputs can mutually deactivate, or select multiple outs at the same time, as per user choice. The subwoofer output can be activated independently to enhance the selected output. In addition to these speaker outs, the MC100 also features two secondary outputs as balanced XLR. These carry the selected input signal with no influence from the level knob, so they can feed measuring devices like level meters or analyzers.

The Lake People MC100 is available later this month through retail and via The MSRP for the MC100 is 1,799.90 EUR (roughly $1940 US), for the MC100 PRO with reed relay volume control 2,399.90 EUR (roughly $2,585 US). Lake People is distributed in the US through American Music & Sound.