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Lynx Studio Technology Releases Hilo Reference AD/DA Converter System

Lynx Hilo Reference AD/DA Converter with VU meter screen display

Lynx Studio Technology in Costa Mesa, Calif., announces that it has released its Hilo Reference AD/DA Converter System ($2,495 MSRP) and will begin shipments on March 12. Hilo offers two channels of A/D conversion, six channels of D/A conversion, and a high-quality headphone amplifier, all of which are controlled and monitored via an LCD touchscreen. Hilo also acts as a monitor control system and location audio device (via optional battery operation).

Hilo’s analog I/O section includes two balanced inputs and four balanced outputs plus headphone out. Digital connectivity includes AES/EBU, S/PDIF (via co-ax or optical), eight ADAT, and 16 channels using the included LT-USB. Any mix of inputs can be sent to any output, made possible by an onboard 32-channel mixer.

Hilo’s headphone amplifier and secondary monitor output each have their own D/A converters, which are fed from the internal mixer. This provides the ability to create three unique stereo analog mixes as well as submixes for the digital outputs.

The initial release will feature a VU meter as well as bar style meters. Any input or output pair can be chosen for any meter. Hilo has five sets of user-selectable parameter menus. Lynx states that because Hilo is entirely software-driven, he company will offer new features, screens, upgrades and enhancements, all available for download from the Lynx Website.

Initial shipments will feature a silver front panel. The company states that a second unit with black front panel will be available by mid-2012.

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