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Masque Live Tours with Jesse McCartney, Jordin Sparks

Gathered around a rack of RockNet 300 gear are, from left, John Gaczewski, FOH mixer for Jesse McCartney; Scott Craig, FOH for Jordin Sparks; Mitchell Keller, McCartney tour manager and production manager for entire tour; Mike Schaeffer, Sparks’ monitor engineer; and Chris Roberts, monitor engineer/stage manager for McCartney.

In a year highlighted by successful tours with an eclectic roster of artists ranging from Van Halen to Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Ministry and Celtic Woman, Masque Live has add the new Jesse McCartney (Hollywood Records)-Jordin Sparks (Jive Records) tour to its résumé.

“We have thrown a lot of passion into our product and finally customers are knocking at the door asking for it,” says company co-principal Jim Shearing. “We owe a great deal to Lucas Corrubia’s efforts with the talented artists we are involved with, shaping and molding the sound to their particular needs”

Masque Sound co-principal Geoff Shearing reports that long-term Masque Live associate Mitch Keller selected the RockNet 300 as the primary audio distribution network to reduce setup time and eliminate heavy trunks of traditional copper multicore cable. “We’re an early adopter of RockNet technology,” he says. “It’s a pioneering, real-time audio distribution network, perfect for establishing fast, flexible, cost-effective sound and data distribution. We’ve been looking for an opportunity to work with it on a tour. Springsteen used it successfully in Europe earlier this year, but this is the first time it’s being employed on the road in the U.S.”

Keller, who also heads his own Florida-based Kellco Productions Inc., reports that RockNet 300 is extremely efficient. “It features ultralow latency, exceptional sound quality, and it supports independent microphone preamp gain control for both the FOH and monitor mixing boards. It’s also got self-healing redundancy, a welcome fail-safe. We’re confident that RockNet will be a meaningful addition to our racks,” he adds.

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