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Merlefest Crew and Equipment List


Sound Company: SE Systems

Hillside Stage

FOH Engineer/Console: Boban Petrovic/Yamaha PM3500

Monitor Engineer/Console: Ray Stanley/Ramsa WR-S840

P.A./Amps: JBL HLA 4895s and 4897s/QSC Powerlight 9.0s, 6.0s, 4.0s

Outboard Gear: twodbx 162SL, 160X; two BSS DPR-505, DPR-404,
FCS-960, FDS-366; Yamaha Rev-7, two SPX-990; Lexicon PCM70

Other Audio Crew: Tillman Carter (stage A2)

The Americana Stage

FOH Engineer/Console: Jimbo Munden/Yamaha PM3000

Monitor Engineer/Console: Chris West/Ramsa WR-S840

P.A./Amps: 12 JBL 4888 VerTec line array/QSC Powerlights 6.0s, 4.0s,

Outboard Gear: dbx 160A; BSS FCS-926, FDS-355, two DPR-504, two DPR-404;
Klark-Teknik DN-360; Yamaha SPX-990, SPX-900, Rev-7; Lexicon PCM-70

Other Audio Crew: Ed Welsh (stage A2)

Additional Audio Crew

Chris Austin Songwriting Stage

FOH Engineer: Geoff Baldwin

Monitor Engineer: Ray Fernandez

Stage A2: Melondy Killian

The Walker Center Stage

FOH Engineer: Rick Earl

Monitor Engineer: Mark Richards

The Dance Stage

FOH Engineer: John Onsrud

Monitor Engineer: Kevin Mettling

Stage A2: Steve Robbins

The Creekside Stage

FOH Engineer: Phil Holt

Monitor Engineer: John Niemann

Stage A2: Barry Milholen

The Traditional Stage
FOH Engineer: Missy Bilisoly

FOH Engineer/Stage: Frank Bilisoly

The Pit Stage

FOH Engineer: Greg Williams

Stage A2: Julia Lochra

The Little Pickers Stage

FOH Engineer: Josh Curits

The Lounge Stage

FOH Engineer: Dee Shankle

Complete SE Systems/Merlefest Production Team:

• Audio Director: Cliff Miller

• Production Coordinators: Gail Parker, Roy Brown

• Operations: Hardy Walker

• Production Assistants: Haley Miller, Kathryn Hopkins, Tracy Hopkins,
Brooke Cochran

• Recording Engineers: Robert Kirk, Karen Pierce, Frank Martin

• Recording Assistants: Martha Bassett, Justin Hall

• Backline: Lee Abernethy, Shawn Steed, Greg Russell

• Special Assistance: Herman Civils (Millar Electronics), Paul Furtcamp
(JBL), Aaron Kunz (dbx), Raul Gonzalez (JBL), Bobby Kelly and Jeff Mac (Techreps)
and Bill Cummiskey (Fender)

• Outreach Technicians: Brad King, Willie Painter, Eric Williams, Roger
and Nora Scheafer, John Fix, Tom Anderson, Dave McCracken, Warren Rodgers, John
Holder, Jerry and Amanda Mclean and Myron Surber