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MIPRO TA-80 Digital Plug-On Transmitter

Eight Gain Levels, Selectable Phantom Power

The TA-80 from MIPRO ($170) is a true digital wideband wireless plug-on transmitter that comes with a balanced XLR mic input jack and is compatible with all MIPRO ACT-8 Series receivers. The TA-80 has eight gain levels and offers selectable 12V or 48V (at 10 mA maxi- mum) phantom power, which can be switched off for use with dynamic microphones. The transmitter has a flat and wide 20-20k Hz frequency response, low THD and noise floor, fast transient response, strong anti-interference capability and a high S/N ratio. The green back-lit LCD shows all operation parameters, and its high-capacity lithium battery facilitates five to eight hours of continuous use per charge.