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NEP Studios Delivers Turnkey Services to AT&T Tech Channel

AT&T Tech Channel, the newly-launched “online video destination for everything tech” from telecommunications giant AT&T, is benefiting from services provided by NEP Studios, a television production service provider in New York City. NEP Studios features nine spacious, state-of-the-art studio facilities, and is a division of NEP Broadcasting, an international provider of outsourced television production services that are critical to the delivery of live sports and entertainment events.

With programming that includes a daily up-to-the-minute tech-news show, the Daily Byte, as well as the Hugh Thompson Show, Random Access Theater and Trumpeter Swans, AT&T Tech Channel delivers a variety of technology-related news, talk, drama and comedy programming in punchy, entertaining segments that appeal to tech-savvy Internet users of all ages.

NEP Studios’ Senior Vice President/General Manager Barry Katz explains that AT&T Tech Channel took advantage of NEP’s turnkey services to meet diverse production needs. “Not only did we provide the studio for a number of shows,” says Katz, “but we have also done remote productions for which we brought a mobile truck. We’ve provided production and support crews, and they go through our travel services to deliver their guests to the studio. It’s a true turnkey situation on the facilities side.”

The Hugh Thompson Show, which presents renowned scientists, authors and celebrities in a fun, spirited setting featuring a studio band and live audience, is produced at NEP Penn Studios, a two-studio facility located in the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. NEP Penn Studios has produced 48 episodes, says Katz, with plans to create another 60 in 2008.

“AT&T Tech Channel has also featured [advertising mogul/restaurateur] Jerry Della Femina,” Katz adds, “and they just had Fox 5 News meteorologist Nick Gregory, as well. Anyone that is into anything technology-based is a potential candidate to be on this programming they’re putting on the Web.”

Working with NEP has been “a great experience,” says Suzanne Mitchell, producer of the Hugh Thompson Show. “NEP provided the studio and the entire production crew for every episode. We also did another show, Trumpeter Swans, with a remote truck and crew they provided. NEP has been very accommodating, and Barry and his staff have been super.”

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