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New Hardware/Software for Audio Production

HHB CDR830 BurnIT PLUS The CDR830 BurnIT PLUS CD recorder from HHB ( is based on the CDR830 but adds new connectivity features, including


The CDR830 BurnIT PLUS CD recorder from HHB ( is based on the CDR830 but adds new connectivity features, including balanced XLR analog I/Os with line/mic-input gain switching, balanced XLR digital I/O, wordclock input (enabling sync playback at 44.1 or 48k sample rates) and parallel remote inputs. Housed in a 19-inch rackmount chassis, the BurnIT PLUS features 24-bit A/D converters and 24-bit multilevel Delta Sigma D/A converters. A CD Text facility stores and displays disc, artist and track names, and an SCMS-free digital input and built-in sample rate converter allow synchronous recording from CD, DAT, MD or hard disk. A digital record gain control allows level adjustment of digital inputs, and the unit can also record dynamic microphones direct.


SADiE ( has introduced the RADiA Platinum, which features updated editing software, a new 15-inch LCD monitor and a smaller footprint. The latest addition to the RADiA workstation line, the RADiA Platinum is a 4-in, 4-out system with 24 replay tracks and 24-bit digital audio recording and editing at up to 48 kHz. It includes a SADiE rackmount PC with a 667MHz Pentium III processor, 128MB RAM, 10GB internal IDE drive, AGP video card with 8MB VRAM, and 48x CD-ROM drive. Other components include a 19-inch rack PC case, external SCSI interface, RADiA PCI processing card, balanced breakout cable assembly, and one removable 9GB SCSI audio drive, plus a new 15-inch LCD panel and the RADiA Master Control Panel. The Master Control Panel includes transport controls; scrub wheel; Edit, Locate and Function keys; motorized faders; and time displays. I/Os are balanced analog, AES/EBU and S/PDIF. List price is $11,795.



Bomb Factory ( announced the new Funk Logic Masterizer plug-in for MOTU Digital Performer and Digidesign Digi 001, Pro Tools|MIX and Pro Tools|HD users. Developed in partnership with Funk Logic (, this mastering processor features a 3-band “Peometric Aqualizer” for equalization, dual “Analogmic Needlators” for monitoring, an Ear Fry/Unloud switch, and an On/Moron selector. There are also hundreds of presets. Funk Logic Masterizer retails for $1,695; a time-limited evaluation is available for download.


Syntrillium ( announced that Cool Edit Pro 2.0 is now shipping. New features include real-time effects, track EQ, MIDI and video playback support, MTC master generation, new effects, loop-based composition and a compressed-loop file format. Cool Edit Pro users will also have access to thousands of free downloadable MP3PRO-based loops from Syntrillium’s new loop library at Disk-at-Once CD burning is also available as a downloadable plug-in. Cool Edit Pro 2.0 can be downloaded from Syntrillium’s Website for $69.


Glyph ( introduces the Companion FireWire storage system designed specifically for Digidesign’s MBox System. Available in 80 or 120GB sizes, the 7,200 rpm drive allows recording, editing and mixing of at least 24 tracks of 24-bit audio, handling 140-420 minutes of audio at a sample rate of 48 kHz. Glyph’s ATA-to-IEEE1394 bridge boards have the ability to push the data ATA/100 (ATA-5) interface to its limit of 50 MB/sec using the Oxford 911 chipset, specified by Digidesign for use with its systems. The Companion’s S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Report Technology) system monitors and predicts device performance, allowing users to detect potential drive failures before they happen and save files before they are lost. It also features composite metals and automatic thermal-sensing cooling, and physically couples with the MBox to maintain a small footprint.


Liquid Audio ( recently debuted Distra, a hardware/software system for Web-based delivery of digital audio that combines approval, reference, collaboration and distribution. The system, available for license, is an all-in-one hardware/software server designed for securely managing digital audio distribution, including relevant metadata. Distra supports multiple audio formats, and uses Liquid Audio’s security and digital rights-management technology to protect files. Recipients can use the Liquid Player software to stream, download, organize and export audio files while enforcing the usage rules set by the sender. Liquid Audio’s real-time tracking and status information are available so confirmation is automatic, and client billing can be generated electronically.


Orban ( announced that Optimod-PC 1100 “Optimod on a PCI Card” is now shipping. Designed to run on Windows 2000 and XT, Version 1.0 of the Optimod-PC control software and driver can control Optimod-PC cards on a local computer or anywhere on a customer’s network. Optimod-PC brings Orban’s Optimod 6200 Class processing inside the computer, at a lower cost than Orban’s stand-alone 6200 or 6200S processors. This processing is optimized for digital transmission channels that use lossy compression, like Internet streaming and digital radio, but Optimod is also a professional-quality sound card with analog and AES/EBU inputs and outputs. Onboard Motorola 56362 DSP chips perform audio processing, freeing the host CPU. Suggested retail price is $1,490.