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New Products – January 2021

New Live Sound and Studio Products for January 2021


Bose L1 Pro Portable Line Array Family

5 New Products Offer, Wireless Mixer Control and RaceTrack Design

Bose Professional has introduced the L1 Pro portable line array systems, the next-level advancement of the original L1, introduced 17 years ago. The three new systems—the L1 Pro8, the L1 Pro16, and L1 Pro32, with its choice of two subwoofers—offer 180-degree horizontal coverage with unmatched clarity and tonal balance. A unique RaceTrack woofer design integrated into the L1 Pro8, L1 Pro16 and the Bose Sub1 and Sub2 modular subwoofers, provides extended low-end response. Built-in multi-channel mixers offer EQ, reverb and phantom power, while Bluetooth streaming capabilities and access to the complete library of ToneMatch custom EQ presets, allows performers to play with recording-studio tonal quality. The Bose L1 Pro portable systems are complemented by the L1 Mix app, placing complete wireless control in the hands of users for on-the-fly tweaks, with the mixer and app are always in sync, in real-time.

The L1 Pro8 is a C-shaped line array featuring eight articulated 2-inch neodymium drivers; 180-degree horizontal coverage with wide vertical dispersion. The L1 Pro16 is a  J-shaped line array with 16 articulated 2-inch neodymium drivers; 180-degree horizontal coverage, tight vertical control on top, and wide dispersion on the bottom. An Integrated 10×18-inch subwoofer features a high-excursion neodymium RaceTrack driver. The peak of portable P.A., the L1 Pro32, is the most advanced L1 portable line array ever, weighing just 28.8 pounds. The Sub1 and Sub2 modular subwoofers weigh 35.5 pounds and 51.7 pounds, respectively. The straight line array, features 32 articulated 20-inch neodymium drivers; 180-degree horizontal coverage with the most focused vertical coverage pattern and highest SPL over distance in an L1. It combines with the Bose Sub1 or Sub2 powered bass module via a single-cable and SubMatch connectivity is included for both power and audio.


Earthworks ICON USB microphone

Earthworks Audio USB Streaming Microphone

2 New Products for Podcasters, Gamers and Remote Workers

Earthworks Audio has entered the growing USB mic and podcasting market with the release of ICON, a studio-quality USB microphone and ICON PRO, a broadcast-quality XLR streaming microphone. Both products enhance the quality and experience of remote working, podcasting, gaming, and home recording. As part of the look, Earthworks partnered with Triad-Orbit to design and build a custom desktop microphone stand that ships as part of the full ICON experience. The stand is sleek yet robust enough to hold and balance the stainless-steel microphone. For maximum flexibility, the integrated M-2R swivel ball joint can be disconnected and re-mounted on any studio mic stand or boom arm. ICON PRO looks and feels similar to the ICON USB microphone but it is hand tuned with an extended frequency response and the capsule has a faster Rise Time Speed of just 11.67 microseconds. Because it is an XLR broadcast microphone requiring 48 volts of phantom power, it offers extended headroom and dynamics. ICON PRO ships with an integrated Triad-Orbit M-2R adaptor as well. ICON retails for $349 and ICON PRO sells for $499.


NEXO P+ Series P15 coaxial loudspeaker and L18 sub

NEXO Expands P+ Series of Point-Source Loudspeakers

P15 Coaxial Model and L18 Companion Sub Bass

NEXO has expanded its P+ Series of point-source loudspeakers with the new P15, a 15-inch coaxial loudspeaker that arrives 25 years after the launch of the NEXO PS15.

The powerful two-way passive/active speaker delivers 139 dB (Passive) to 141 dB (Active) SPL from its purpose-built 15-inch neodymium magnet coaxial driver with a 3.5-inch voice coil. The new speaker’s frequency response is 57 Hz-20 kHz. The P15 weighs 2.2 pounds and measures 24 x 19 x 14 inches. Horn flanges can be interchanged from the 60° x 60° provided as standard to a 90° x 40° or an asymmetrical 50°- 100° x 40°. The P15 includes large comfortable handles on each side with a 35mm pole-mount fitting with a Speakon connector and threaded inserts to connect mounting accessories. The P15 speaker can be used independently or with its companion subwoofer, the new L18, a compact horn-loaded sub-bass model with a high-excursion 18-inch woofer. It matches the efficiencies of the P15, offering an extremely high output level (140dB Peak) and an impressive power-to-weight ratio. The P15 can be used either on a pole-mount with the L18 cabinet, wall-mounted, or flown in landscape mode beneath an L18 enclosure, using a specially designed yoke bracket. Like the P15, the L18 precisely matches the NEXO NXAMP4x2mk2 controller amplifier’s output power. New processing algorithms optimize the match between the L18’s maximum excursion with the NXAMP4x2mk2’s output voltage capacity, producing highly dynamic sound without triggering the driver’s thermal limit.



Focusrite RedNet A16R MkII

Focusrite RedNet A16R MkII and RedNet D16R MkII

Updates Provide Channel Level Control for All Inputs/Outputs

Focusrite has released two new products in the RedNet range of Dante-enabled Audio-over-IP interfaces: RedNet A16R MkII and RedNet D16R MkII. Both models share the same feature set as their predecessors, but now feature level controls for individual input and output channels. RedNet A16R MkII is a 16×16 line-level analog interface, perfect for getting 16 channels of analog audio on or off a Dante Audio-over-IP network. RedNet D16R MkII is a 16×16 AES3 interface—ideal for interfacing between digital audio equipment (such as consoles and power amplifiers) and a Dante network. The new functionality allows precise calibration of all inputs and outputs, making the process of accurate alignment of connected equipment more straightforward. Changes to input and output levels—in 1dB increments—are made using the included RedNet Control software. New device profiles for RedNet A16R MkII and RedNet D16R MkII in RedNet Control will feature a trim fader for adjusting input and output levels in 1dB increments. Additional software controls for dim and mute provide greater flexibility over independent I/O channels.



Meyer Sound Spacemap Go

Meyer Sound Launches Spacemap Go

Breakthrough Tool for Spatial Sound Design and Mixing

Meyer Sound has officially released Spacemap Go, an industry game changer in spatial sound design and mixing. Available as a free app for Apple iPad, Spacemap Go works with multiple GALAXY processors, controlled by a single iPad or with multiple iPads, Spacemap Go offers seamless compatibility with popular sound design and show control programs such as QLab. Using Spacemap Go’s templates a user can customize for a particular setup, while panning trajectories can be created with the touch of a finger and, if desired, captured for playback during performance. In addition to QLab, Spacemap Go can be automated by popular DAWs such as Ableton Live, Apple Logic Pro X, AVID Pro Tools, MOTU Digital Performer, and Reaper, taking advantage of the iPad’s multi-touch interface for effortless spatial automation. Systems are quickly and easily configured by Spacemap Go using any combination of GALAXY 408 or GALAXY 816 using Milan AVB, AES3 or analog as inputs and outputs. Spacemap Systems can be configured for up to 32 inputs and as many outputs as are provided by the processors.




SPL Marc One

SPL Control One and Marc One Monitor Controllers

2 New Models in Series One Line Offer Pro Sound at an Affordable Price

SPL of Germany has shipped the Control One ($599.) and Marc One ($799) monitor controllers from the company’s affordable Series One product line. The SPL Control One a high-quality analog control center for manageing audio sources and monitor speakers including subwoofer and an individually adjustable high-quality headphone amplifier with Phonitor Matrix. The SPL Marc One extends this feature set by a state-of-the-art stereo AD/DA converter with the highly acclaimed AKM AK 4490 Velvet Sound chip on the DA side and the matching AK 5552 on the AD side. Besides playing and recording digital PCM audio material with up to 768 kHz/32-bit, a playback of Direct Stream Digital Audio up to DSD4 is also possible. Marc One can directly be connected to a computer via USB. Analog volume controls, premium switches and a high-quality metal housing with aluminum front panel round off the overall professional design. The SPL line of products is distributed by Focal-Naim America in the U.S. and Canada.

Steinberg Cubase Pro 11

Steinberg Unveils Cubase 11

More Customizable, More Inspirational, More Productive

Steinberg has released Cubase 11, comprising Pro, Artist and Elements editions, each with the same core technologies but with dedicated tools tailored to the scope and scale of individual music production requirements. Cubase Pro 11 focuses on making printing stems a much easier task. Exporting processes can be queued and exported in one operation, with the export selection easily aligned with the selection made in the project, and controlling the full signal path, including channel insert effects group sends and master bus effects, is now a reality within Cubase. The Frequency EQ plug-in has received an update, now delivering dynamic response options: dynamic mode for each of its eight bands makes the filter nodes follow the input signal, and the newly introduced multiple side-chaining allows each band in Frequency to be set to an individual side-chain.vOther new additions in Cubase Pro 11 are Eucon integration for supporting the latest Avid consoles, the remote recording plug-in VST Connect SE 5 with a resizable and HiDPI-ready user interface, and 5.1 surround sound support for the MultiTap Delay signal processor. Cubase 11 also comes with fresh-new content: six sound and loop sets have been created by hip-hop producer Beat Butcha, Hollywood sound designer Robert Dudzic and Black Octopus Sound, covering a wide range of music styles that will help to quickly jump-start any music production project.