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Sony Immersive Open Back Monitor Headphones Launch

Sony has introduced its MDR-MV1 Reference Monitor Headphones for professional sound engineers engaged in immersive music mixing.

Sony MDR-MV1 Open Back Monitor Headphones
Sony MDR-MV1 Open Back Monitor Headphones

Paramus, NJ (May 12, 2023)—With immersive audio only gaining in importance, the need to mix spatial audio outside of traditional mix spaces will only continue to rise. Perhaps with that in mind, Sony has introduced its MDR-MV1 Reference Monitor Headphones. Created for use by professional sound engineers and music creators, the headphones sport studio-level durability and an open-back design intended to help with the reproduction of a wide sound field, making them a suitable option for mixing and mastering immersive spatial sound, such as 360 Reality Audio, as well as stereo sound with hi-resolution capability.

According to Sony, the MDR-MV1 offers extended spatial sound reproducibility and sound object positioning within a 360-degree space, offering users a wide frequency range and soundstage. The headphones’ driver units reportedly provide wideband playback (5 Hz – 80 kHz) with natural high frequencies, thus helping professionals to note localization, spaciousness and detailed changes in sound processing.  The open-back structure of the headphones reduces internally reflected sounds and eliminates acoustic resonances.

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Since engineers wear headphones for extended periods of time, the MDR-MV1s have breathable earpads and are intentionally lightweight. They also include a replaceable, detachable cable with machined aluminum connectors and a stereo mini-jack adapter.

The MDR-MV1s were developed by Sony’s Headphone Engineering team in collaboration with Sony’s Music engineers, and are said to work seamlessly alongside Sony’s 360 Virtual Mixing Environment (360VME) service.