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Wisycom to Unveil MTP61 Transmitter at AES

At next week's AES New York, RF solutions specialist Wisycom will unveil its new MTP61 transmitter.


Wisycom MTP61 Transmitter
Wisycom MTP61 Transmitter.

New York, NY (October 13, 2022)—At AES New York, RF solutions specialist Wisycom will unveil its new MTP61 transmitter, the latest addition to its Symphony product line.

According to the company, the MTP61 is the smallest and lightest multiband bodypack transmitter on the market, has the widest tuning range currently available — 470 to 1260 MHz — and is designed for location sound and theater applications.

“We developed the MTP61 in direct response to market demands,” says Geoff Baynard, product marketing manager, Wisycom. “A cross between our existing MTP41 and MTP60 transmitters, the MTP61 incorporates all the advanced technology of our Symphony line in a smaller form factor. This includes seamless connectivity via long-range Bluetooth 5 to the new Wisycom App, enabling users to monitor and adjust parameters in real-time, from anywhere in a venue.”

Using the Wisycom App to control the device also eliminates the need for network connectivity. Further, the MTP61 can also be easily configured by operators directly through the module’s high-contrast OLED display with front-panel navigation buttons for quick and easy access to menus and shortcuts, the company says.

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The Wisycom MTP61 is just over two inches tall, just under two inches wide, and 3.1 ounces in weight, with battery. It also operates with a standard 3.7-volt Lithium-ion battery, boasting an eight-hour autonomy, and comes equipped with a flexible PCB for added reliability.

Building off Wisycom’s proprietary intermodulation cancellation circuit, the transmitter’s advanced linear technology eliminates distortion, according to the manufacturer. This provides a more robust signal, extended range and the ability to operate multiple transmitters in close proximity to one another. With high-density, software-selectable narrow-band filters, the FPGA-based signal processing allows for easy switching between wideband and narrow-band operation. Used together with linear mode, this function enables intermod-free frequency planning with as little as 200 kHz of channel spacing. Additionally, the integrated low-pass audio filter eliminates ultrasonic interference from devices, such as range finders and motion sensors.

The transmitter also features a max input level of 26 dBu, with 15.5-volt clip, for direct connection to mixers and instruments. Its embedded recorder with integrated linear timecode decoder makes it possible to record directly to an embedded industry-standard micro-SD memory card. Simultaneous record and transmit functionality is also available, where applicable.