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Prism Gets ‘Royal’ Seal Of Approval

The King of Belgium, Albert II, reportedly expressed his appreciation of a new version of his country’s national song, which was recorded by Belgium producer Lorenzo Schoovaerts.

The audio quality partly resulted from the Prism Sound ADA-8 converters that Schoovaerts used during the recording process.

“I now own three Prism Sound ADA-8 converters and I use them to connect software synths and effects from my Pro Tools system to my SSL analogue console,” says Schoovaerts, who owns and runs Grooveyard Studios in Willebroek near Antwerp. “They were certainly part of the equation when I recorded a new version of our national song, “The Brabançonne,” and I think they made a significant contribution to the overall quality of the sound.”

Schoovaert was asked to create a new version of “The Brabançonne” by the marketing manager of a shopping centre in the town of St. Nicholas, which was being visited by King Albert II. The version was premiered in front of the King and he and the mayor were given a CD of the performance as a gift.

Aside from re-working the Belgium National song, Schoovaerts has also worked with a number of Dutch and Belgian artists including Hans De Boy and Cisco Kid, whose House Music track The Pizza Man sold over 700,000 copies when it was released in the UK. He is currently producing two new R&B bands, as well as working on his own projects.

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