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Product of the Week: Mikme Pocket

This tiny wireless transmitter is designed to capture audio on the go, primarily for videographers, at up to 96k to a smartphone; its applications, however, apply to all things audio.

Aimed at videographers, journalists and content creators, the Pocket from Mikme is a very clever wireless microphone transmitter and recorder designed to capture audio for location video recordings. The Pocket is intended for use in applications where video is recorded using a smartphone, and transmits audio to the phone via Bluetooth.

The Pocket package includes a small bodypack (2.68 x 2.795 x 0.94 inches) and an omnidirectional condenser lavalier microphone that connects to the pack using a locking, 3-pin, mini-XLR connector. The mini-XLR jack provides 2.5-volt phantom power for condenser mics, and can also accept input from dynamic microphones or line-level devices. The Pocket is powered from an internal 920 mAh Li-Po battery (rechargeable via USB) and can run up to 3.5 hours in stand-alone mode. A 3.5mm stereo headphone jack provides zero-latency monitoring of the audio input.

The Pocket features an onboard audio recorder with an internal capacity of 16 GB. It records audio as M4A files or 24-bit WAVs at sample rates of 44.1, 48 or 96 kHz (recordings made to a smartphone are M4A format). The onboard recorder is redundant to the audio recorded on the phone, and enables the Pocket to provide a very slick auto-sync feature: if the Bluetooth connection to the phone is dropped during recording, the Pocket automatically syncs and uploads missing audio once the connection is re-established. Audio files can be downloaded via USB, and the Pocket can also be used as a USB microphone.

Available for iOS and Android, the companion Mikme app provides control over a variety of Pocket functions, including record mode (audio, video and remote; remote records audio to only the Pocket’s internal recorder); auto or manual record level control, headphone volume, recording resolution, and monitoring of battery life and remaining memory.

“Multi mode” enables control of up to three Mikme devices, all of which can be recorded and automatically synced to video. Audio and video can be edited in the app while leaving the source files unchanged, and the app provides the ability to add watermarks.

The Pocket is shipping now at a price of €369 (approximately $435 USD).

More info here.