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Product of the Week: Sennheiser Evolution Wireless Digital

Simplified, musician-friendly wireless system includes Smart Assist app, which guides users through system configuration and scans the local RF environment to find open frequencies.

Last week, Sennheiser made a major announcement, unveiling its new Evolution Wireless Digital series of products. Developed for ease of use by musicians who are also acting as their own techs, Evolution Wireless Digital products employ an app-based workflow while retaining the flexibility and reliability that users expect from Sennheiser RF systems.

Debuting in the Evolution Wireless Digital series are a wide range of products, including:

  • EW-D EM digital half-rack, single-channel receiver
  • EW-D SKM digital handheld transmitter, which accepts any Sennheiser or Neumann wireless capsule, including the Neumann KK 205 and KK 204, as well as the new Sennheiser MM 435, MM 445 and Digital 9000 capsules
  • EW-D SK digital bodypack transmitter, which mates with a CI1 instrument cable, ME 2 omni lavalier mic, ME 4 cardioid lavalier mic, or ME 3 cardioid headset mic.

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Central to operation of Evolution Wireless Digital equipment is the Smart Assist app, which guides users through system configuration in easy steps. The app can scan the local RF environment to find open frequencies, and can set wireless links at 600 kHz intervals without need for any frequency calculation, enabling it to fit more frequencies into the same bandwidth than a standard wireless mic system.

Channels may be named, and users have access to all system settings. A bandwidth of 56 MHz with up to 90 channels per band makes it easy to find space even in crowded RF environments.

Bluetooth Low Energy allows remote access to the system and facilitates sync with the receivers. The app includes tutorial videos, provides a central library of operating manuals, and is available for iOS and Android devices.

Specs for Evolution Wireless Digital products include an input dynamic range of 134 dB, latency of 1.9 milliseconds, and an audio frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz (-3 dB) at 3 dBfs, with audio THD less than -60 dB for 1 kHz at -3 dBfs input level.

Evolution Wireless Digital transmits digitally in the UHF band and does not utilize companding circuitry, thus eliminating the audio artifacts associated with that type of processing.

Handheld and body-pack transmitters may be powered up to 12 hours using two AA batteries or via the Sennheiser BA 70 rechargeable battery pack.

Evolution Wireless Digital systems are available in a variety of configurations. A full range of accessories is available including remote antennas, antenna boosters, splitters and charging sets.