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Product of the Week: Gig Performer V.4

Plug-in host application allows engineers or musicians to load any VST or AU plug-in and route any output to any input without need for DAW software or a mixer.

Scheduled for release on June 1, 2021, Gig Performer Version 4 from Deskew Technologies will introduce a comprehensive set of new features.

If you’re unfamiliar with it, Gig Performer is a plug-in host application intended for use by engineers or musicians looking for an easy way to manage entire instrument or effects rigs.

Gig Performer can load any VST or AU plug-in, and route any output to any input without need for DAW software or a mixer.

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Gig Performer 4 Guitar GUI

A user-friendly GUI facilitates creation of custom “Rackspaces” (collections of plug-ins and their interconnections), where “Widgets” (controls such as knobs, switches, etc.) can be dragged and dropped onto a custom rack panel, then mapped to the user’s preferred plug-in controls.

One of the most important enhancements debuting in Gig Performer 4 is the Global Rackspace.

Gig Performer 4 Keyboards GUI

In lieu of inserting the same effects in every Rackspace, a user can insert them once into the Global Rackspace and then share them with individual Rackspaces, so commonly used sounds can be accessed quickly across an entire setlist. Version 4 also permits chains of plug-ins to be saved as favorites for easy addition to new Rackspaces when needed.

Version 4 includes a native MIDI file player plug-in that holds up to 128 songs and has the ability to map individual tracks to different instrument plug-ins. Song tempo can drive Gig Performer’s global tempo to synchronize time-based effects such as delays, and a tap tempo function can be used to control file playback speed.

The new Curve Designer tool can be used to create scales or customize curves that affect Widgets, note velocities and other MIDI data. Additional MIDI enhancements include an expanded MIDI In Block with velocity curves, real-time note name and velocity display, and keyboard tracking for plug-in parameters and note inversion.

Other features unveiled in Version 4 include Scriplets, which enable users to create custom functionality within Gig Performer that can be shared with the Gig Performer community, and an Undo option for panel design.

Gig Performer 4.0 also comes bundled with an assortment of synths, guitar amps and effects from third-party plug-in developers.

It will be available as of June 1 at prices of $169 (macOS or Windows), or $199 for a cross-platform bundle. Customers who purchase Gig Performer 3 (the current version) for $149 through May 31 will receive licenses for both Gig Performer 3 and Gig Performer 4. Those who upgrade from an older version of Gig Performer by May 31 are also eligible for a discount.

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