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Product of the Week: Steinberg SpectraLayers 7

Artificial intelligence algorithms provide great benefits when applied to the powerful spectral, visual-oriented editing and mixing tool from Steinberg.

You can find plenty of legitimate arguments about the potential dangers posed to humanity by artificial intelligence. But when it comes to its use in audio software, it’s all benefit and no risk.

A case in point is Steinberg SpectraLayers 7, the latest update to this visually based audio editing application. It brings with it some potent new editing capabilities powered by AI algorithms. Whether you’re doing post-production, music production, sound design or mastering, you’ll want to check out what this new, smarter version can do.

The Unmix feature is perhaps the highlight addition. It analyzes a mix and splits it into component layers, each consisting of an instrument or vocal part. Not only can you Unmix tracks into stems, but you can also separate your stems into tonal, noise and transient components.

Steinberg also used AI to beef up SpectraLayer’s pattern-recognition abilities. Now you can identify a specific sound and then have SpectraLayers find and select each instance of it throughout an audio file.

The Voice Denoiser allows you to clean up vocal recordings by attenuating all non-voice components detected by its AI-infused code.

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New AI-based repair processes include Clip Repair, Click Repair and Hum Reduction. Steinberg also revamped the Healing Tool to make its interpolation even more powerful.

Some of the other changes include improvements to the Playback tool and Transform tool, a new Transform selection mode and upgraded ARA 2 layer management.

As with previous versions, two levels of the application are available: SpectraLayers Pro 7 ($299.99) is the fully-featured flagship. SpectraLayers Elements 7 ($79.99) has a reduced toolset but is still powerful. Steinberg offers a handy chart comparing the two versions.

SpectraLayers 7 is available now, and owners of earlier versions can get upgrade pricing. Go to the Steinberg Online Shop for more information.