Sage Arts Recording Studio Acquires Prism Sound Converters


Sage Arts Recording Studio engineer Matthew Gephart

Sage Arts Recording Studio in Arlington, Wash. has acquired a Prism Sound ADA-8XR multichannel converter for use in conjunction with its Pro Tools HD system. Sage Arts Recording Studio is primarily an in-house production facility for Sage Arts Records. To ensure the highest quality recordings, most of the studio's audio electronics have been custom designed by Forssell Technologies, which also supplied a 48-channel custom mixing console with Flying Faders automation.

"We are very excited about our purchase of the ADA-8XR," says Sage Arts engineer Matthew Gephart (pictured). "After comparing several of the finest available A/D and D/A units, we decided that the Prism Sound unit had the best combination of sound quality and versatility for use with Pro Tools HD. The ADA-8XR sits sonically in an elite class along side the Forssell Technologies and Lavry converters we auditioned. Plus, it can connect directly to Pro Tools, just like a Digi 192 I/O interface."

Gephart adds that Sage Studio conducts most of its mixing in the analog domain; therefore it was imperative to find a way of running its Pro Tools HD system simultaneously with its analog tape recorders with no degradation in audio quality.

"We purchased the ADA-8XR with one 8-channel ADC card and two 8-channel DAC cards," he adds. "This allows us to use the ADA-8XR as an eight-in/eight-out unit while recording to Pro Tools. When mixing, we can configure the unit as a 16-channel DAC."

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