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Sontronics Introduces Three Condenser Mics for Drums

Sontronics DM-1S

At this year’s Winter NAMM show, UK-based microphone manufacturer Sontronics introduced three condenser microphones designed specifically for drums in studio or live sound applications: the DM-1T, DM-1S and DM-1B (prices TBA).

The DM-1T and DM-1S are small-diaphragm pencil-style condensers designed to work on toms (DM-1T) and snare (DM-1S). With a cardioid polar pattern and switchable -15dB pad, the characteristics of each mic have been tailored to pick up those specific nuances from the different drums. Each mic comes with a metal drum mount and mic clip.

Sontronics DM-1B

The DM-1B is a large-diaphragm, end-fire condenser mic designed to handle up to 150 dB with the -15dB pad switched in. The DM-1B is designed specifically for kick drum applications, and Sontronics also recommends the DM-1B for use on bass guitar cabinets. It comes in an aluminum flight case

Designed from scratch by Sontronics founder and managing director Trevor Coley, these new mics represent more than two years of research, development and field-testing.

Sontronics DM-1T

“Many of our existing mics work brilliantly on drums,” explains Coley, “but I felt that it was about time we made some dedicated mics for drummers and percussionists. I spent a long time researching how each component of a drum kit responded when struck—kick beater attack, kick thump, snare rattle, resonance, boominess and so on—and optimized each mic’s frequency response to deliver a great result with little or no EQ.

“The first prototypes were trialed by various session drummers and producers,” adds Coley, “including producer Flood [U2, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys] at Battery Studios, who discovered that DM-1B also gives great results on bass guitar cabs!”

The DM-1T, DM-1S and DM-1B are all covered by Sontronics’ lifetime warranty and come with a free download of Toontrack’s EZdrummer Lite.

For more information, visit Sontronics at

Sontronics states that all three microphone models are available for pre-order. To order Sontronics microphones, contact the company’s U.S. distributor, Full Compass, at