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Sound Ideas: The One-Stop FX Shop

Since 1978, Sound Ideas has devoted itself to producing unique and authentic professional sound effects of every description and variation. Sound Ideas

Since 1978, Sound Ideas has devoted itself to producing unique and authentic professional sound effects of every description and variation. Sound Ideas established itself as an audio industry leader with the release of the Series 1000 General Sound Effects Library on compact disc in 1985 — breaking ground with the first commercially available sound effects library on CD. In April 1987, Sound Ideas released the first digitally recorded sound effects library — the Series 2000 General Sound Effects Library.

Sound Ideas’ commitment to quality is absolute, and its state-of-the-art recording studio in Toronto is one of the few recording facilities in the world dedicated to the recording, mixing and mastering of sound effects. Sound Ideas’ professional production consultants provide unique insight and assistance to their clients, and the constant development and upgrading of the Sound Ideas Website ( helps them maintain the reputation for excellent customer communication and service.

The Sound Ideas product line now includes more than 100 collections, used by recording studios, radio stations, television and cable networks, post-production houses, corporations, Web designers and game developers all over the world. At the Audio Engineering Society Convention in October 2002, Sound Ideas added seven new products to its ever-expanding lineup:

Just Boom Trax: A sweetener for use in the subwoofer channel in surround sound productions, Just Boom Trax rumbles with more than 250 tracks of real-life, fantasy and utility sound effects, all at low-frequencies that allow the audience to feel the sound. 257 low-frequency effects for 5.1 productions on two CDs and two DVD-ROMs.

Impact Effects 2: Spectacular impacts of every description, including a wide variety of objects and surfaces, many different impact styles and tons of debris. 698 smashing effects on one CD.

Just Birds and Animals II: Featuring more animals, birds and natural settings from around the world. 346 SFX from our audio ark on two CDs.

Series 8000 Sci Fi Warp 3: Explore the sounds of new lifeforms, intergalactic transmissions, drones and deep space ambiences. 420 out-of-this-world SFX on three CDs.

Just Noise: A unique collection of vintage media noise, static, buzz and hum. 140 vintage noise effects on two CDs.

Imaging Accents: A complete orchestra section of musical flourishes, trills, glisses and fanfares, also including 30 different percussion instruments. A generous 600 elements on two CDs.

XV MP3: A gallery of Sound Ideas’ very best sound effects drawn from many of its most popular libraries presented in media-friendly MP3 file format. 3,117 general effects on two CD-ROMs.

From humble beginnings, Sound Ideas has grown into the one-stop shop for sound effects and music. Congratulations on the first 25 years, Sound Ideas — the leading publisher of professional sound effects on the planet.

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Richmond Hill, ON Canada L4B 1C6
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